Denise Smith

Denise Smith PGCE

Advanced Skills Teacher

Author of 'Brilliant Trainee Teacher', published by Prentice Hall.


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    Denise Smith is in her eighth year of teaching Science. She has an honours degree in Biology and did her PGCE in Science at Oxford University. During her NQT year in Bicester, she entered the Fast Track Teaching programme, designed to provide more professional development than is otherwise ordinarily available and to get the teacher involved in wider school issues. During her fourth year of teaching, she was accredited with the Advanced Skills Teacher status. She thoroughly enjoys her job and has said that she would only leave teaching if Kate Humble’s job became available!

  • Denise's other interests include adventure sports, music (see the website of her band 'Les Fantasticos') and wildlife. Click here to access Denise's 'Wild About Devon' wildlife blog.

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    Brilliant Trainee Teacher

    What does it really take to become a brilliant teacher?

    Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose so make sure you leave nothing to chance as you embark on your journey towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Brilliant Trainee Teacher is your practical guide to gaining the skills, knowledge and experience you need to become a successful practitioner and begin your teaching career. Identify the best route into teaching for you, secure a place on the course you want, manage your workload, shine during your teaching placements and achieve great results both in the classroom and on your assignments.

    Brilliant Outcomes

    Excel during your teacher training course
    Obtain QTS with confidence
    Secure your first post as a fully-fledged classroom teacher